What Is Dabbing


Key take away points

  • Dabbing uses Hash Oil or BHO
  • This process extracts the most  potent chemicals from cannabis
  • Dabbing is four times more potent than a normal joint but comes with risks
  • You can dab by using a joint, but best way is to use a dabbing rig
  • Dabbing can be dangerous if not done correctly so use precaution at all times.

What are dabs?

When people hear the term dabbing, they might thinking of dancing or tiktok – but what is dabbing in relation to weed? Dabbing is for the most extreme of smokers. Keep in mind, this incredibly potent method of smoking will leave you in a daze if you aren’t prepared for it. But what exactly are dabs? Dabs are a hyper concentrated method of smoking that is growing in popularity in recent years.

This method is created by using Butane Hash Oil or BHO and is produce through a process where the butane extracts the most potent chemicals from the cannabis. BHO extracts come in a variety of forms, referred to as wax, shatter, amber, honeycomb, budder, and sauce. These different forms each offer their own unique properties. Some have more pronounced flavor, others are known for the straight THC potency. No matter what kind of dab you are smoking, dabs are four times more potent than a joint, and that’s just at a minimum.

How do you use dabs?

But how do you smoke dabs? Well the methods can range from easily just putting some BHO in your joint before you roll it up, to the more complicated and dangerous method of using a dab rig. Dab rigs tend to be the preferred method of smoking, but you must be extreme careful using a rig.

You could burn yourself or even burn your house down, due to the nature of how you achieve optimal temperature to dab. Due to this, please take extreme caution and until you are comfortable with using a dab rig, it’s best to dab outside. Rigs are similar to bongs, in fact you can typically use a bong as a rig provided you get the right attachments for smoking dabs.

These attachments are called nails and bangers. A nail is exactly what it sounds like, a long glass nail (they are sometimes ceramic or metal) which is placed within a globe like shape. A banger is almost like a glass basket. For both of these attachments you heat them up, usually with a blow torch, until they are red hot.

With a nail, you place the wax on the top and then place a globe like shape around it to ensure the smoke goes into the rig. For bangers, once they are red hot you place your wax in the banger and use something called a carb cap to ensure the smoke goes into the rig. Carb caps function much like a lid on a saucepot, it maximizes convection and airflow control to vaporize the cannabis oil.

Danger of Dabbing

The danger of dabs

Many people believe dabbing is safer than traditional forms of smoke as you have to inhale less to feel effects, but there is not even close to the truth. Dabbing has a serious list of potential negative effects, such as rapid heart beat, black outs, loss of consciousness, paranoia, and even hallucinations. While vaping or inhaling vapor is technically less harmful than smoke, dabs are still not completely safe.

Dabbing exposes users to elevated levels of carcinogens and other toxins, as the higher the temperature a substance is exposed to, the more toxins and irritants are produced. There are many studies that also look towards the production of BHO substances and found that more than 80% of these extracts are contaminated with poisonous solvents and pesticides.

Should you dab?

In the end, dabbing is a double-edged sword. They are incredibly potent psychoactive effects, but can be dangerous to use and come with a host of risks due to flaws in production. Dabs are best reserved for either one in a blue-moon experience or for those dealing with chronic issues and illness. Dabs are something that you must approach with respect and are never to be used on a whim. Having a firm understanding of the risks is essential to having a pleasant experience using BHO products. If you feel like dabs are something you would like to experiment with, please check out our article here to find the best glassware you can use for your dabbing experience.


Dabbing is a process of using concentrated cannabis extracts, also known as Hash Oil or BHO. Keep in mind, this process results in a product that is four times more potent than the traditional marijuana joint. This can sound great on paper, but this method of consuming cannabis comes with certain risks. The best way to dab is by using a dabbing rig, but if you don’t have one, you can also use a joint. If you choose to dab, be sure to do so carefully and always use caution.

Have any other questions about dabbing we didn’t address? If so please leave a comment below and we will get back to you. Also, have you or do you enjoy dabbing and want to share your experience with the community? Please leave a comment below.

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