How To Make Weed Hot Chocolate

Weed Hot Chocolate

Making Weed Hot Chocolate

For some people there is nothing more relaxing than getting a nice warm creamy cup of Hot Chocolate. For those who love weed, there is nothing better than Weed Hot Chocolate. Thankfully making your own batch of weed hot chocolate is quick and easy. All you need is some decarbed weed, your favorite hot chocolate mix of choice, milk, sugar and some ground cinnamon (if you need a tutorial on how to decarb weed check out our weed decarbing article HERE).

The Process

1.Take some decarbed weed and grind it into a fine powder. (If you need a grinder Check out our favorite grinders HERE) Note: If you have cannabis sugar, this will also work. Depending on tolerance and desired amount of servings you should make sure you use an appropriate amount of cannabis to ensure a quality drink.

2. Once your cannabis is properly prepared, mix it in a bowl with your cocoa powder mix, cinnamon and sugar. Now make sure you whisk the dry mixture thoroughly.

3. After you have your prepared Pot Cocoa mix ready you will add milk to a saucepan over low heat. Just like making normal hot chocolate, you do not want your milk to get too hot! If it starts to boil, lower the temperature and wait for it to stop.

4. Stirring slowly and occasionally you will want to add the contents of your weed hot chocolate powder to the mixture. Make sure everything is well mixed. Once everything is mixed together and you can see no powder, you can pour it into a mug and enjoy your Pot Cocoa!


If you only have cannabis stems

For those who don’t have access to decarbed weed, and only have stems, there is a way to make weed hot chocolate yourself as well. While our first version of the recipe is milk based, this one requires water. You will also need ¼ stick of butter and an unbleached coffee filter. Ideally, the butter is unsalted, but that is your choice.

Note: You’re going to want around ⅛ of an ounce of stems for the best result and this can provide 1-3 servings.

1. Boil the water per the amount you plan on making.

2. Next you’re going to add a small amount of butter per your taste and the stems at the same time into the water.

3. Stir gently and then let it sit for about 10 minutes. Note: The smell of marijuana will tip you off when the water is ready.

4. Once you’ve finished boiling the stems its time to strain the water into your mug. Note: I recommend using an unbleached coffee filter to ensure you are removing all bits of stem from your water.

5. Once the stems are removed, you can reheat the water depending on how hot your like your cocoa and you’re done. Stir in your favorite hot cocoa mix and enjoy a small buzz with your hot chocolate.


Other uses for the cannabis water

You can actually make a lot of things with this water beyond hot chocolate. You can even boil pasta with it for a buzz friendly meal. The world is your oyster once you understand how to cook with stems! So take a sip and relax. Enjoy your soothing cup of weedless weed hot chocolate.

Nick (Budznbeardz) put together and great video how to make weed hot chocolate. Please check out his channel also for other great weed info and tips.

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