How To Travel With Your Weed Grinder

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How To Travel With Your Weed Grinder

With many states and countries changing their minds when it comes to marijuana. There is a major question floating in the minds of travelers, “Is it illegal to travel with a weed grinder?” Not in the U.S. and probably not in most places in the world. Keep in mind though, that If your weed grinder smells of cannabis and has the sticky residue of cannabis upon it, this may complicate traveling with it and bringing it thru TSA, as in certain states and countries weed is still illegal.


Keep It Clean

Isopropyl Alcohol easily removes cannabis residue, so don’t be lazy and clean your paraphernalia ( See our article about how to clean your weed grinder HERE). Once it is cleaned, it is merely a spice grinder. You can take it in either your carry-on or checked luggage in fact! Don’t forget, one must take special care to clean their weed grinder! Along with isopropyl alcohol, we recommend freezing the grinder and scrubbing with a toothbrush before travel to ensure all traces of marijuana are removed from the grinder itself.

While the grinder is allowed on planes once cleaned, another thing to consider is what material and shape your weed grinder is made out of. Bringing a metal-based grinder in your carry-on will set off every metal detector you pass through requiring you to have it inspected at each checkpoint. So while you can bring it in your carry-on, I would suggest storing it in your checked luggage. An important note; when it comes to designs and shapes, you cannot bring any weapon replicas on board a plane in the federal United States. If your grinder is shaped like a grenade, knife, or gun, best to leave it at home!

TSA Bag Check

Can You Bring Cannabis On A Plane?

Now that we’ve gone over traveling with grinders, let’s talk about the real question on everyone’s brain, “Can you bring cannabis on a plane?” Bringing any traces of marijuana is a whole different matter entirely. You cannot carry vape oil, flower,  or even edibles on most planes as it still remains a schedule 1 substance despite talks of federal decriminalization ( See our article about Decriminalization vs Legalization HERE).

Though certain airports, like LAX, do have rules which allow a “Personal use stash” on a plane once airport security clears you. Even though some airports can make allowances for bringing weed, TSA can take the weed should they so choose. You should consult the rules at any airport you plan on traveling to, thru, or from to ensure you don’t run into trouble.

TSA Baggage Inspection Slip

TSA Search

Another item to keep in mind is if you decide to take the plunge and travel with cannabis in your checked luggage keep in mind, TSA retains the right to look through your bag. They will leave a small note amongst your belongings informing you this has occurred. Besides TSA leaving a note, which there is no real consequence to this, it does put you on the radar of the state and federal government, so make sure you’re only traveling with the right amount for personal use.

 Medical License Copy

To help further protect yourself, if you do have a medical license, I would leave a copy of the paperwork in whatever bag you decide to carry weed in. Keep in mind that TSA also scans your checked luggage with an x-ray so trying to be sneaky is not the smartest thing to do in today’s climate!


If you decide to simply keep your weed at home check out our article on how to store it properly HERE. If you have any questions about traveling with your weed grinder that we didn’t address in the article (we will respond as soon as we can), or have a story about traveling with your stash please comment below!

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