How To Clean A Weed Grinder

How to clean a weed grinder

Keeping It Clean And Green

If you are like me and use your grinder a lot, you will have to clean it sooner rather than later. As you grind the weed, not all the kief will make it to the bottom and some will gum up the upper compartments which makes it very difficult to rotate and grind. Depending on how much kief is stuck in the teeth and the kief catcher, I like to use a combination of salt, isopropyl alcohol, and freezing the grinder itself.

4 Easy Steps To Clean A Weed Grinder

1. Take a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and salt and dip a hard brush, like a toothbrush

2. Scrub the lid, grinding section, and kief catcher to the desired level of cleanness

3. For hard-to-remove bits of kief, put your grinder in the freezer for an hour or two

4. Once they become more solid, take your toothbrush and repeat the scrubbing process. (You should have an easier time removing the kief once it’s been frozen.)

Plastic Grinder

If you are using a cheaper plastic grinder, once it reaches the point of being too sticky to turn, it may be smarter to replace the grinder with a new one instead, over going through the painstaking process of cleaning it.

“Best of The Best” HERE. The one below is just one of the great grinders which made the lists.

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