CBD Flower

Is It Worth The Hype?

CBD Flower

CBD Flower

This simple answer is, Yes It Is! In today’s marijuana market, one of the biggest, yet oldest product vectors, is the hemp flower. Hemp has a long history of being used for multiple purposes, but more recently has been marketed and used as a way for CBD intake. With the landmark case for marijuana legalization dealing with Charlotte’s Web, understanding the ins and outs of CBD flower is paramount for understanding the current marijuana market in the United States. CBD flower can offer all the amazing health benefits of THC without the intoxicating psychoactive effects. While most companies are extracting the CBD from female hemp plants to create oils, topicals, edibles and other products, when you can find it, CBD flower is an excellent way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine.

A common misconception about hemp-derived weed is that it contains NO THC. This is incorrect, as it actually is a part of the chemical makeup. The key thing is just a small percentage can be found within the CBD flower, around 5%. Keep in mind, because of the THC level, although low, this may trigger a drug test if the situation occurs. With how CBD and THC react within the brain, this will provide little to no psychoactive effect but will provide the pharmaceutical benefits that both THC and CBD can provide.

Why Use CBD Flower?

You may be asking yourself, why use CBD flower over the varied other options that exist? Studies have shown that there is a correlation with the aspect of breathing something in and relaxation. So hitting a good CBD joint can get you that little extra mile to be completely and totally relaxed. It takes around 3 minutes for CBD to take effect and the feeling of true relaxation can last for anywhere from 60-90 minutes. This all without the psychoactive effects which bother some and unfortunately keep them away from enjoying weed in general.

When looking into smoking CBD flower it’s important to note that CBD has a myriad of effects on the human brain, from helping with pain, assisting with sleep issues, and even some studies show that CBD can actually help with tobacco addiction. It is the perfect solution for those looking for all the benefits of THC without the mind-altering effects.

Jars of CBD Strains

5 Of Our Favorite CBD Strains

So you may be asking, what are the best CBD strains to smoke? Below is a list of our favorites and specific use cases for each to help you decide which is right for you.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s web is not only groundbreaking in terms of cannabis reform, it’s one of the best strains you can enjoy. This stain, on average, has 13% CBD, and is known to help with anxiety, pain, and depression.

Cherry Wine

If you are looking for something that targets pain relief specifically, Cherry Wine is a fantastic strain with 17% CBD and less than 1% THC. If worried about possible drug tests in the near future this could be a strain for you.


Coming in with 14% CBD, ACDC does all the same things as Charlotte’s Web, but with no relevant amount of THC. Most people describe that ACDC makes them relaxed and happy.


One of the most popular CBD strains available, it provides users with a clear mind and alertness. It can also elicit a mild sense of euphoria that helps the user enjoy any activity they are undertaking. Typically come in at a ratio of 5:2 CBD/THC, keep in mind, this strain has a little more THC than the average strain of CBD flower.

Stephen Hawking Kush

If you love Harlequin-based strains Stephen Hawking Kush will be out of this world for your senses. Considered an Indica dominant hybrid, Click here if you do not know what that is,  this high CBD strain is great for relaxation, focus and pain relief. Perfect for high-stress situations, SHK will help you keep a clear mind while also lighting up your taste buds with beautiful cherry and berry flavors.


So when you consider the facts about CBD, it is definitely more than worth the hype. Having so many health benefits without the drawback of intoxication makes it an amazing substance for those who need pain relief but are afraid of using THC. Even if your flower has THC in it, if the percentage of CBD is higher, then you won’t feel any psychoactive effects whatsoever. So go down to your nearest smoke shop or dispensary and grab some CBD flower today.

Please let us know in the comment section below if you want us to review any other CBD strains, your experiences with them, what you use them for, or any other questions you may have. We will do our very best to get answer your questions as soon as we can.

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