Best Weed Grinder Pens

Best Weed Grinder Pens

In today’s day and age, convenience is the name of the game. Having something convenient thats also portable? That’s truly the dream, especially for the on the go cannabis smoker. Regardless of if your going to the beach, on a hike, or just hanging out in your car, having a reliable weed grinder pen is always a must. So to make life easier for you, we’ve taken a look at the best weed grinder pens around.

For the uninitiated, a weed pen grinder is pretty much what is sounds like. They are typically electric, can usually fit in your pocket, and resemble a pen, though other shapes also exist. These bad boys can usually pack a punch, and are the definition of portable and convenience. So is a pen grinder the right choice for you? Well come take a look and I’m willing to bet you’ll be running to your amazon cart to buy one of these awesome grinders.

Easy Grinder Clear Glass Herb Grinder

Looking for a sleek transportable grinder for when you’re on the go? Well the Easy Grinder Electric Grinder is perfect for you! It even comes with a kief catcher, which makes this product quite the steal. Coming in with a cool 4 color line up, it’s a great looking product that provides convenience. An hour long charge gives you enough juice for over 300 grinds, so it’s safe to say there’s an impressive battery life on this grinder. The glass chamber allows for you to see the exact level of grind your bud has, so you can ensure your weed is ground to your exact preference. Grab this amazing grinder HERE today.

Easy Grinder USB Charge

If you liked our last grinder, then you will love this one for sure! This grinder can handle up to 2.5 grams of flower like a champ. With a super sleek design and easy USB charger this grinder will be your new best friend when you travel. The greatest part about weed pen grinders like this is that you can just slip it in your front pocket and be on your way. Once you grind your weed, you just unscrew the cap and the weed will flow from the dispenser. This product comes in two colors, both will make you feel like royalty without the massive price tag attached. Grab this electric sleek stylen grinder HERE!

TISFA – Pre Roll Machine

This next grinder is more of a two in one for those who really love convenience and ease of use. The TISFA grinder is perfect for joint lovers who don’t like to roll their own cones. While it doesn’t offer much in the sense of color choice, you cannot go wrong with this fantastic product. If you’re like me and love joints but hate rolling them, this takes that problem and gives you a wonderful solution. In the name of convenience we’ve also added a recommendation for a multipack of cones that are perfectly sized for this grinder. So grab this little guy today HERE!

Here is our recommendations of joint cones to go along with this awesome pen grinder. Grab them HERE!

If you have any questions about weed grinder pens, or if there are particular traits you look for in an weed grinder pen, please comment below.

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