5 Best Weed Grinders

Best Of The Best Weed Grinders

We’ve seen many different weed grinders due to our exhausting search, but reader, I am sure you’re wondering, “What are the official BEST WEED GRINDERS rated by our weed grinder pro?” First, let’s talk about what makes a weed grinder so cool and great. We’re looking at the coolest grinders with the best designs, the easiest to use, and overall the best grinders for your wallet. We want these grinders to last you more than a single session, and have you enjoying every minute of owning them. The combination of these three factors is rare, and after a year of nothing but opportunities to test out what are the best grinders, you can trust us we did our homework. With that said, here at the 2023 COOLEST GRINDERS.

5. The Herb Card

The Herb Card by Green Goddess. I just get the imagery of a really cool person having this. Coming in and saving the day when there’s no apparent grinder to be found. The design is sleek, discrete, and great for your wallet so we have this at number 5. Find it HERE then in your pocket when you need it the most!

4. The OTTO Smart Grinder

The OTTO by the Banana Bros. It’s BANANAS what this grinder can do. It’s a finely tuned machine, being both an electric grinder and a joint packer. It’s perfect for those who love their king joints. It comes in at number 4 for the price tag starting at $149.95. For those looking for something a little more 21st century, click HERE because this could be perfect for you.

3. Wakit Electric Grinder

We’re going with another electric grinder for number 3 on the list. The Wakit Electric Grinder might not strike you as a weed grinder right off the bat, but trust me, this baby packs a punch. Great for those smoking large quantities at once, or maybe have a need for baking, this grinder works for you. Capable of a fine grind, the Wakit is ready to work it for you so click HERE to learn more!

2. Bud Tub by Veraspong

I Think the Bud Tubis one of the best products we’ve seen today. While it lacks a kief catcher, the fact it comes with storage is so convenient. I think it’s perfect for anyone looking for a new grinder. Plus, for those who are creative, I think the clear bottle design allows for you to customize this grinder in a way that feels like it’s totally your own. I don’t see many grinders that allow for that. Snag the Bud Tub HERE!

1. WeGrind Crank Grinder

Now the best grinder on Third Eye WellnessThe grinder with the best design, features and functionality is the WeGrind Crank Grinder! The fantastic grinder has amazing color choices, a cool crank grind design, and includes a kief catcher. This is by far the best of the best of all of our grinders. A perfect fit for any novice or veteran smoker. Grab this number one product HERE today!

So that is the list of the COOLEST GRINDERS for 2023! Do you have a question about any of the grinders listed? Was your favorite grinder here? Did you find a new go to grinder? These puppies were the best of the best for 2023. If you’re favorite grinder didn’t make the cut this year, please comment below, and check back as there is always hope for our 2024 list! If you want to go back and check out the other lists you can find them HERE. Happy Grinding!

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