5 Best Manual Weed Grinders

Best Manual Weed Grinders

When it comes to smoking weed, the most well-known tool is a manual weed grinder. Grinders are typically 3 to 4 chambers, with the 4th chamber usually being a storage section for kief. (If you want to learn how to use a grinder check out our article HERE.) For the uninitiated, kief is the crystal-like substance on weed, or the plant pollen which tends to be highly concentrated with THC. When you have a good kief collection you can save some for a rainy day, sprinkle it on a bowl or joint, and enjoy.

Manual weed grinders are perfect for those who like the old fashion way of the tactical feel of when you have accomplished a finely ground weed. They are usually made out of metal, plastic, or wood. Besides different materials, they also can come in different sizes ranging from 2” to 6”. Due to this, make sure you think about what size would work for you for your daily smoking habit.

You should keep in mind how important portability is to you. If you want a big 6” grinder, it can definitely handle more weed nugs at once, but it’s very large and therefore difficult to take with you in a discrete manner. While something like a 2” grinder is perfect for when you’re taking a small stash somewhere like a party.

You may now be asking yourself, “How can I find the perfect manual grinder for me?” We created a list of the Top 5 Manual Weed Grinders to help you narrow down your search based on what is best for your weed smoking habits and available right now.

Bud Tub by Veraspong

Need storage for your stash? Need a lot of storage? The Bud tub comes not only with a grinder, but an amazing amount of storage for your stash at the same time. If it’s too much storage for you, they also have the adorable Bud tub mini. These guys are built to keep everything fresh, and are ideal for the best of what you have. If you wanna snag this amazing grinder, click HERE!

WeGrind Crank Grinder

The thing I love about grinders is how different they can look from one grinder to another, and i think this grinder might be the coolest one I’ve seen so far. The WeGrind Crank Grinder is awesome, especially if you’re like me and would rather use a handle over twisting the top lip of a grinder. This baby also has a kief catcher and comes in multiple colors! I think it would suit anyone looking for a cool new addition to their collection. Grab the WeGrinder HERE!

The Kozo Spice Grinder

Looking for a strong grinder with a long lifespan? The Kozo grinder is for you! This grinder is a high quality grinder that is strong and built to last. This grinder has a choice of nine colors which are all amazing! The black is super sleek but I think the red is my personal favorite. Like the previous grinder, this one also comes with a kief catcher. I think the best part about the Kozo Spice Grinder is the design, as those grooves will make it easier to twist the top when grinding. Grab this cool grinder HERE today!

King Top Large Grinder

This last manual grinder is for the experienced. Coming in at 3 inches, this grinds up a lot at one time. Keep in mind, with this product you sacrifice a kief catcher for size. So that is something you must consider before buying this product. When it comes to looks, this grinder has a variety of aesthetic options so it will fit any desire of color. Grab this grinder HERE and enjoy their one year warranty on your purchase.

Horns Bee Portable Herb Grinder

Are you a big fan of smoking joints? Looking for something to help you grind and pack your joint without spending 100 dollars? Then the Horns grinder is perfect for you. With just a simple 4 step process, you can have a fresh joint all packed and ready to go. Coming in at 13 dollars, this grinder is amazing for the budget smoker. And the best part is you get to choose from a variety of colors. It’s hassle-free, and no mess involved. It’s also very portable! So grab this sweet grinder today and enjoy your smoke sessions for years to come. Get this great grinder Here!

If you have any questions about manual grinders, or are looking for particular traits in one, please comment below. We will have one of our grinder pros get back to you as soon as they can.

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