Best Dabbing Accessories In 2023

Are you looking to enhance your dabbing setup? Do you need some new gear or accessories to make the most of every hit? Dabbing can be a great way to enjoy cannabis concentrates, but if you’re not equipped with the right tools and gadgets it can quickly become complicated and difficult. Fortunately, there are all kinds of awesome dab accessories available today that will allow you to get more out of each session. From carb caps and oil rigs down to cleaning solutions and silicone jars, here is an overview of essential dabbing accessories! If you haven’t picked up a Dab Rig yet, check out our list of favorites HERE.

  • If you are big into concentrates, chances are you have a lot of them on hand at any given time. 
  • These silicone storage boxes are perfect for those trying to store multiple concentrates at once. 
  • They even come with dabber tools. 
  • For those with a more artistic persuasion, you can always use one for your stash storage and use the other one to store paints, clay or other artistic materials.

  • For those using a non-electric rig, a good blow torch is a must have. 
  • This fantastic refillable torch comes in two amazing color schemes.
  • This torch has two settings, torch style and lighter style, plus ways to adjust the heat of the flame.
  • You can reach the perfect dabbing temp every time. 
  • There is an ignition lock to ensure you don’t hurt your fingers when lighting it for extended periods of time.
  • For serious smokers, terp pearls are a must have. 
  • This amazing set of terp pearls comes with sets of pearls in multiple sizes.
  • You get: two complete sets of pearls one in black and one clear. 
  • 10 pieces of 4mm and 10 pieces of 6mm pure quartz beads, 2 pieces of 6mm and 4 pieces of 4mm pure SIC beads, 1 pack of picking tools 4 claws 1 pieces of wax carving tools 1 pack of 5 ml silicone container 1 pack of 3 ml silicone container.
  • For those looking to convert to a more digital set up this Digital Temperature Controller is perfect for those with a budget. 
  • This temperature controller comes with a titanium nail and carb cap.
  • Capable of a 300-999 temperature range, this Temperature Controller is capable of reaching the exact temperature needed to enjoy any product you can find. 
  • Our only recommendation is to get a separate carb cap to ensure you get the perfect seal.
  • Clean up is key to always having a clean hit, and to ensure your terp pearls are properly spinning 
  • These 6 inch cotton swabs are perfect for not only cleaning your nail/banger, but also to help clean out your down stem if need be. 
  • This pack comes with 300 swabs, which can last you a very long time.
  • Swab tips have less material than standard cotton swabs so you don’t need to worry about leaving lint behind after you clean.

  • Last but not least is probably the most important item on this list. 420 glass cleaner. 
  • In order to have continuously great smoke sessions you need to ensure everything is clean.
  • Use Formula 420 after every sessions to ensure your pieces remain brand new. 
  • The Formula 420 line of products are the most well known and best selling cleaning products within the stoner world. 
  • That makes this 3 pack a must have for anyone starting out with dabs.

This is our list of must have dab accessories you now know about for 2023. If there is something we missed and you think it has been key to your dabbing experience please comment below.

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