Best Dab Rigs for 2023

Key Takeaways

  • The list spans all different types of dab rigs
  • Rigs are categorized for different users and needs
  • You can also use this list as a jumping-on point for your dab rig research
  • Check out our list of dabbing accessories HERE.

Are you looking for the perfect dabbing experience? If so, look no further than a top-quality dab rig. These specialized pieces of glassware offer maximum efficiency when it comes to experiencing your favorite concentrates such as waxes and oils. Whether you are just getting into the world of dabbing or have been doing it for years, investing in the right rig can go a long way! In this article we broke down the different types of dab rigs and catagoriezed them by different users, costs, or needs. Read on to learn more about why a quality dab rig is an essential addition to any experienced connoisseur’s setup!

  • This rig is versatile for sure. 
  • Working as both a dab rig and a bong, you get the best of both worlds with the Terp Tube by Klien. 
  • This medium sized rig stands at 9 inches tall with a heavy 4 inch base to maximize stability. 
  • This bong features a 14 mm female joint to fit any 14 mm male accessory. 
  • For those you want the cleanest hits this rig has a recycler, disc perc, extra water chambers, and an amazing system for cooling and filtration. 
  • Take your smoke sessions up a notch with what we consider to be the best of the best rig.
  • Dab rigs are a bit of an investment to start out, so thats why we are recommending the Vornadic Klein rig kit. 
  • The perfect starter kit for both newcomers and veterans to dabbing
  • Impeccable function and aesthetically pleasing visuals are included with this Vornadic Klein Recycler Dab Rig.
  • The four deep slits on the “inline perc ” get the motor running, then the external uptake delivers the water into a vortex-producing, tornadic-like well, which then drains down a single external line back into the lower can.
  • A “Klein Weld” is used so that the drain doesn’t interfere with the percolator.
  • A Klein Recycler is essentially a hybrid of an internal and external recycler put together.
  • Recyclers are used for the cooling and taste benefits created by all of the water and vapor movement within the piece.
  • This kit comes with the Vornadic rig (14 mm female joint), a 25mm quartz banger, two 6mm dab pearls, and a carb cap in your choice of color, either amber, clear, pink or purple.
  • E-rigs are only for the most serious of smokers, as they come with a serious price tag. 
  • The Focus V Carta 2 comes with a digital screen, an upgraded atomizer for oils and other concentrates, and a whole host of smoking options. 
  • This rig also works with a mobile app that truly allows you to take your smoking sessions to the next level. 
  • And for those who like options, you can also buy an atomizer for flower as well.
  • This rig was our choice for experts as well as our best choice for electronic rigs.
  • This hemper Spooky beaker is great for those who want a cool conversation piece with scientific vibes. 
  • Scientific glass means that it is translucent with a lab equipment feel. Unlike a rig that is opaque you can see this bad boy function as you use it. 
  • It also comes with this stellar glow in the dark design to help light up your night time smoke sessions. 
  • This rig is 6 inches tall, with a beaker base. It comes with a shower head percolator and a 14 mm female joint.
  • The MJ Arsenal Titan Mini dab rig really pulls a punch with its performance. 
  • This visually stunning rig comes with a double sphere base connected perc, and a Klein draining incycler. 
  • That means when you use this amazing rig, you get a view into how beautiful this rig looks when its functioning. 
  • Standing at 7 inches tall with a 2 inch wide base, this rig is made from high quality borosilicate glass. 
  • This rig also comes with a 10 mm female ground joint and a 10 mm quartz banger.
  • The Dr. Dabber XS is a traveler’s best friend. 
  • This powerful tiny e-rig fits all of the frills and features of any other Dr Dabber product, but packaged in a tiny travel sized version. 
  • This rig has a temperature range from 475 to 625 degrees.
  • It comes with the XS, a loading tool, a replacement e-Chamber, a replacement filling tool, replacement glass attachment, and a replacement carb cap with a seal.  
  • Whether you’re on the road, going to the beach or hiking through the mountains this little guy can be at peak performance anywhere you need. 
  • Just always make sure you charge it first.

There are so many different types of dab rigs, but here is our list of the best ones for 2023. This list breaks it up by price, use, and experience so we hope it is a great resource for your research and a great starting point. We did our best to give you a better understanding of the different kinds of dab rigs, and some you have probably never seen before so you can make a better decision about what works best for you. If there are any we missed and you think they have been key to your dabbing experience please comment below.

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