5 Best Bongs Of 2023

When it comes to smoking weed, it may seem like the options to choose from are endless. Take bongs for instance. There are so many different sizes and shapes on the market. There are even different materials they can be made out of.  And when you consider all the benefits of using a bong, it’s paramount to find the best one suited for your own needs. Bongs are the better way to smoke. They reduce the number of harmful chemicals that you can inhale and also filter bacteria. Due to the way they function, they allow for bigger hits. When it comes to bongs, people tend to really have their own preferences. I love glass bongs, for me personally, they are the best material to make a bong out of. Others may love ceramic, acrylic, or even silicone. It all depends on what the user is looking to get out of their bong. So here we will take a look at different ones and help you find the best bong for you.

Looking to smoke in style? This Metal Gravity Infuser is a league above your standard bong. This Gravity Bong is as cool as they come, having 360-degree turning for the best water and airflow. It’s made with borosilicate glass and aircraft-grade anodized aluminum making it the highest-quality item we are reviewing today. This bong is so cool it even has the Seth Rogan seal of approval. While this has a high price tag to match its quality, this is one luxury purchase you will not regret! Check it out HERE.

Looking for a great gift for friends? Want to show off your weed smoking royal status? Well you’re in luck. The “Roast & Toast” mug is perfect for anyone with a morning smoking routine. This mug and bong combo is the best part of waking up every morning. You can drink your coffee and have your bong hit too. This bad boy is also microwave and dishwasher safe so easy reheating and clean up! Grab this extremely affordable mug today!

Looking for something to travel with? This portable hookah is the answer to all your travel needs. Perfect for a beginner as well as someone looking for a great new addition to their collection. This sleek design will make you the talk of the party wherever you take it. On top of looking great, this piece also comes with amazing-looking lights. The best part is this comes with an extra bowl piece specifically made for holding joints and other types of rolls! This is both a great piece for yourself or an awesome gift for a loved one. Grab it HERE.

If you want to feel like a mad scientist when you smoke, look no further than the Beaker Bong from TAG. Beaker bongs are fantastic. The size and shape of the base adds stability and makes it tough to knock it over. Thanks to their overall shape they are easy to clean. In my opinion they just look cool. On top of all these cool bonuses TAG, in specific, is known for making incredibly thick nearly unbreakable glass. For those klutzes out there, this may be the bong for you. And don’t forget about the ice pinch to ensure you get the coldest inhales possible. Grab it HERE.

Looking for something… chill? The Freeze Pipe BONG XL is perfect for you. This bad boy comes with a large glycerin chamber for increased cooling power, and bigger coils for better airflow. The glycerin chamber can cool smoke by over 300 degrees, all you gotta do is pop the chamber in the freezer for an hour! The XL is also a beaker-based bong to help with those clumsy smokers to prevent accidentally tipping the bong over. There is also a shower head base that is percolated to help add even more filtration. So if you wanna be the coolest kid in town grab this bong HERE!

There are so many different bongs out there, but here is our list of the best bongs for 2023. This list will give you a better understanding of different kinds and some you have probably never seen before so you can make a better decision about what works best for you. If there is something we missed and you think it has been key to your cannabis experience please comment below.

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