10 Must Have Weed Accessories You Didn’t Know About

Once you have the perfect set up of grinders and smokeware its time to move on to accessories. These products are the best things to help elevate your weed game. From storage bags to smoke buddies. We have gone through and curated the best of the best just for you.

Usually when you hear about a dime bag, you’re thinking about a small quantity of weed, but these dime bags are perfect for hiding your stash. These bags are not only environmentally friendly, being manufactured with hemp and recycled polyester, but they are also smell-friendly too. These heavy-duty bags are made to be smell-proof, even the most potent stash cannot stand up to these bags. The velcro patch is removable for those who want their stash to be discrete. And thanks to the quality of the product, you can even store glassware without fear of it breaking. Coming in a multitude of color sizes this is a must-have for any stoner. Grab one HERE.

When you’re looking for a place to store your stash, this particular box is great.  This wooden stash is made with sustainably sourced wood and full-grain leather for a sleek and stylish look. If you’re looking for a product that supports ethical consumerism as well, the box is made in partnership with small lumber businesses, which makes it great for you in mind and practicality. The raised edges of this stash exist to prevent you from losing any of your precious herb, and the top of the box doubles as a rolling tray for when you have friends over! Check it out HERE.

Looking for a healthier way to smoke? This hemp wick bundle is perfect for those looking to reduce of the harmful effects of using butane, while still allowing you to light your weed. The cool thing about this bundle pack is that it comes with a Hemplight Wick Lighter holder. These lighter holders have a spot to thread the hemp wick though so you do not have to worry about holding your wick while trying to use your lighter. The bottom of the holder can hold up to 5 feet of hemp wick at a time. This bundle is either a great gift or self-purchase for the frequent smoker. Check it out HERE!

If you live in an apartment with antismoking rules, then having weed can cause a lot of anxiety. For that we have the Cannabolish Candle. Coming in lavender and winter green, this candle and spray set are perfect for dealing with the smell from smoking. On top of being efficient at dispersing unwanted these products are also sleek looking and can be used as decore, with none being the wiser. And for those looking for something naturally made, these products are plant-based only. Grab them HERE today.

Speaking of products that deal with the smell of cannabis, the Smoke Buddy is the king of all smoke dispersion products. A personal air filter that you exhale through when done taking a hit, the Smoke Buddy uses a series of filters to deal with the smell. It comes with a travel cap for discreet storing and a keychain for convenience when traveling. This compact air fliter will become your best buddy when it’s time to smoke. Grab one today!

This pack of filters is great for the joint and blunt smokers of the world. Coming with 12 reusable tips they capture the ash and tar that would usually get into your lungs when smoking. Made from high quality glass these easy to clean tips can last you for years. Since they are lightweight and small you can carry these guys without wherever you go! Level up your joint game and grab these guys HERE!

If you LOVE joints, but can’t get into the idea of rolling them yourself, this is a great product for you. They come in multiple flavors adding an extra special something to your joint. This pack comes with 50 pre-rolls of the smoker on the go, and a packing stick to help make sure you get everything in there. But make sure you do not pack it too tight! With a tip included, this a minimal effort maximum reward type product. With such flavors like: Blueberry, cherry, Coconut, Green Apple, Lemon, Mango, Strawberry, and Watermelon, you’ll feel like your floating on a tropical island with your first hit. These pre-rolls are also made with a natural blend, no added dyes, and provide a smooth controlled burn. Perfect for any get away, or just hanging out in your backyard. Grab them HERE today!

Speaking of leveling up your joint game these slow-burning cones are a must-have for the rollers at home! These fancy cones not only add a little color to your smoke session, but they are also non-GMO and vegan-friendly way to smoke. Coming in a pack of 50 and made with premium materials, these slow-burning cones will last you a while. Grab these fantastic cones HERE!

If you’re a big fan of smoking joints or blunts, the most annoying part of the whole process is having a great place to ash. Well with this YUSUD ash tray, not only is it large, it has 3 fixed slots for you and your friends to store your joints while taking a “quick” talk break. It also comes with a long lasting metal matchstick. This matchstick is good for up to 10000 strikes. Say bye bye to lighters, as this match stick works wet or dry. The only thing you need to add is kerosene, and presto, you have fire! Made with stainless steel and ABS materials, not only is this product multifunctional, its high quality. It is perfect for the home, on the go or even as a gift for friends. Grab it HERE today.

Our final product is best paired with the reusable filters and pink cones. Its the RAW rolling tray. This metal tray is the best place to roll up! Perfect for those who are looking for cool aesthetic products with function. Printed with photos of delicious donuts this rolling tray will get your munchies started before you even smoke. Made with strong durable metal this tray will last you a lifetime of rolling. And it’s big enough to be used as a tray on your coffee table for display. Grab this tray today and get started on your rolling adventure!

This is our list of the best weed accessories you probably didn’t know about for 2023. If there is something we missed and you think it has been key to your cannabis experience please comment below.

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