Welcome to Third Eye Wellness! When it comes to health and quality of life there is nothing more important than knowing what you are putting into your body. Here at Third Eye Wellness, we will be taking a look into the medical benefits and side effects of using things like cannabis, mushrooms and LSD to help deal with your mental and physical well being. We have tons of information on a variety of topics. If you choose to use any of these substances to achieve better wellness, all the information you could ever need is right here at your fingertips. From how to safely use, to potential negative side effects, we even go over the most current medical trials so you stay up to date with what is best for your needs.

To make navigating this site easier we broke it down into three sections. There is our cannabis section (CannaHealth), which includes accessory recommendations, recipes for making food, and articles to help walk you through your cannabis journey.  In our LSD and Mushrooms sections, we go over all of the current psychological trials that present the effectiveness of using LSD to deal with things like mood disorders and trauma. We will also make note of any precautions to take, or any negative side effects you may encounter. We get right to the point, dissect as much as we can and inform you of the facts and if we have an option on the matter. We tell you the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

If you have any questions or suggestions for topics you’d like us to talk about it, leave us a comment at the end of any article. Healing is a group effort, so we will do our best to answer questions and create content that helps put you on the right path.